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If you are interested in joining our sales system as an SKN partner, please contact us.

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SKN - strong partners - strong service!

Since its foundation, SKN has been able to expand its market share in Germany, Europe and the world market.

However, this development would never have been possible if we hadn't found the right partners at home and abroad.

Know-how, level of awareness and market penetration grew steadily with each new cooperation partner. Our well-structured dealer network now brings SKN products to the most remote regions of the world.

As well as the high quality of SKN products, you can also rely on our sales partners. We have been working for many years with well-known companies with many years of experience in the tuning or original equipment / OEM market.

The SKN Group forms a strong family. Service & flexibility are very important within the SKN Group. We efficiently use the synergies of our partners in order to be strong on the global market. By belonging to the SKN family, you can already secure the advantages that will decide in the face of increasing competition. Take advantage of purchasing advantages, a modern and comprehensive marketing concept, reporting in TV and print, as well as the know-how from engine development and engine tuning.


efficiency calculator

With our ECO tuning® and ECO tuning75® many companies are already successfully saving a lot of money. Our SKN profitability calculator calculates how much you can save in detail...

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and ECO tuning75®

In the following list you will find over 20 advantages that you can use ECO Tuning® and ECO tuning75® for your company, as a serious competitive advantage can be used positively...

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ECO Tuning® & ECO tuning75®
why possible?

This article explains how the patented SKN ECO Tuning works® and ECO tuning75® .How in detail the fuel consumption is reduced and why the manufacturers don't do it... 

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