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environment protection

The world we destroy is the habitat of our children & grandchildren.

Environmental protection is everybody's, so SKN takes responsibility! Our planet deserves our full attention.

All software optimizations tested so far by the TÜV Nord, with their current data, showed positive results in the performance measurement, noise measurement and exhaust gas measurements. The emissions were significantly lower than the manufacturer's figures due to the considerable reduction in fuel consumption.

100% renewable energy

100% renewables are an ambitious goal, which we are committed. That's why we 2016 in renewable energy is investing around autonomously, to develop and operate electricity giant, and therefore is environmentally friendly. We strive for the paperless office (think before you print) and distribute already 90% of our SKN products without sales packaging without plastic packaging, without documentation or Rack Cards! The world's seas and oceans are overloaded with the flood of plastic & plastic waste - because we do not! We do not want pioneers, thought leaders but his schoolmaster.

An automobile country like Germany, should other countries and peoples, the somewhat lagging behind in automotive development, his orientation. Politicians haggle at climate summits to the reduction of pollutant emissions in the parts per thousand range, it could be with the SKN ECO Tuning a percentage change of consumption and emissions are achieved.

The world we destroy the habitat of our children.

If you have IDEAS that protect our planet, the vegetation or the creatures, then talk to us - we are very interested!

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