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EN | ZIP code 53919 | SKN Bonn-Euskirchen


Since its founding, the mid-nineties the Brock corporate group in the wheel domain characterized by the constant growth. Meanwhile, we are able to produce over 750.000 year wheels.

Within the group of companies design development, production, marketing and sales are united. The light alloy wheels assortment includes two brands - Brock and RC Design - 57 designs of 13 22 to customs. The impressive range of products in various color combinations, including multi-piece wheels and designs for off-road vehicles and SUVs, form the basis for this success. The range of applications of the wheels counts as a success concept as the ongoing quality assurance. All wheels undergo numerous tests and are thoroughly tested and certified by TÜV.

At the European locations of the Brock Group currently employs more than 200 employees.
In Weilerswist located next to the sales and the development department and the ultra-modern logistics center with approximately 16.000 pallet spaces on several levels, the warehouse and shipping.

Every day there until 3000 wheels swapped in and out. Also here, the two- and three-piece wheels are mounted by hand.
In the impressive high-bay warehouse large amounts aluminum wheels are supported and our wheels are to deliver to guarantee at all times made in our own foundry.

This results in short and flexible production methods, from the customer's order, to delivery. Using advanced casting machines and computer-controlled machining centers 100 employees ensure optimal production.

After production the rims are finished in Metec GmbH in Germany and then coated with one of the most advanced environmentally friendly paint shop for rims in Europe. The painting is on the cutting edge of technology and ensuring the highest quality standards. Due to the world's leading painting and coating system we can for all of us painted wheels, also SLC coated wheels, offer a guarantee of 3 years.

The patented coating technology has been characterized for years by its high durability, which is due to an ingenious combination of different materials. One contributing factor here the clear acrylic powder used, which comes as a protective varnish for use in all our finishes. This material is expensive and more time consuming than a conventional lacquering, but its characteristics are unbeatable.

Due to the increased thickness and enhanced material thickness much greater protection against corrosion, salts and other weather influences is achieved. Even braking dust can be removed much more easily from acrylic. The famous "encroaching" almost does not occur.

To ensure the success and first-class quality, to keep customer satisfaction as well as to expand the customer base, are best trained staff, first-class sales documents and permanently updated TÜV - report the successful concept as well as a permanent inventory of our offer.


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Sales & technology

Brock Car Fashion GmbH
Dauner street 4
53919 Weilerswist - Derkum

Phone: + 49 2251 95680
Fax .: + 49 2251 921428

Mon - Fri 08.00 - 18.00 pm
Sat 08.00 - 12.00 pm


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