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EN | ZIP code 21509 | SKN Hamburg - Glinde

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SKN Hamburg | Glinde - We introduce ourselves. . . 

ASN - Autosport and Welding Center GmbH & Co.KG

You can expect a dynamic team with a high level of expertise and an extensive range of services. We dedicate ourselves to the areas of increasing engine performance, vehicle refinements and repairs of all common vehicle types. The focus is not always on the extreme as a solution, but on a coherent overall concept.

Chip tuning with the power software from SKN
Power tuning - for more driving pleasure
The parameters of the electronic engine control specified by the manufacturer are changed. This means that no structural changes are required.

€ co-tuning to reduce fuel consumption
With the innovative € CO tuning you save up to 20% fuel on your vehicle fleet. Of course, the amortization of the € CO tuning depends on the respective consumption and mileage. The average savings potential for trucks is around 2 to 6 liters / 100 km. For cars between 8% and 14%.

Soot particles, sports catalysts, stainless steel exhaust systems.

Rims and tires
Tires, sports tires, rim processing / repair, perfect balancing! Defects on tires are visualized with our optimal diagnostic method with 3 D laser technology. The condition of a wheel or a wheel set can be recorded on request.

Chassis technology
Coilovers, sports suspensions, wheel spacers, sports brake systems, springs, coil springs, and much more.

Welding technology
In the field of welding technology, we cooperate with ITF as a recognized welding company in accordance with DIN EN 15085 and DIN EN ISO 3834-2 in cooperation with TÜV Nord. In the field of resistance welding, we are a distributor for DALEX welding technology. The materials steel, stainless steel, titanium, aluminum and special materials are processed. With certified welders, we carry out contract welding in the following welding processes:
· WIG / MAG, MMA welding, oxy-fuel welding

In the field of resistance welding technology, we are a DALEX distributor and offer accessories and spare parts for welding machines.

Technical gases
We are Linde Gas' regional contractual partner for technical gases and offer a delivery service for trade and industry.


Wolfgang Valentin
Managing Director

SKN Hamburg Glinde
Autosport & Welding Center North
GmbH & Co. KG
Otto Hahn Street 1
21509 Hamburg

Tel: + 49 40 78 10 75 31
Fax: +49 40 78 10 75 32

Opening hours:

Monday   09:00 17:00 
Tuesday   09:00 - 17:00
Wednesday   09:00 17:00
Thursday   09:00 17:00 
Friday   09:00 17:00 
Saturday      by appointment

Payment options:
Payment in cash
EC card payment

efficiency calculator

With our ECO tuning® and ECO tuning75® many companies are already successfully saving a lot of money. Our SKN profitability calculator calculates how much you can save in detail...

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and ECO tuning75®

In the following list you will find over 20 advantages that you can use ECO Tuning® and ECO tuning75® for your company, as a serious competitive advantage can be used positively...

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ECO Tuning® & ECO tuning75®
why possible?

This article explains how the patented SKN ECO Tuning works® and ECO tuning75® .How in detail the fuel consumption is reduced and why the manufacturers don't do it... 

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