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Experience is irreplaceable as through experience

To understand ECO tuning and the development methods of SKN, you should know the function of an engine in rough strokes.

So-called engine control units (also called ECU = Engine Control Unit) have been built into the engines since the 90s (at that time, for example, BOSCH Motronic). These control units initially only had simple functions. So in the start time only the distributor was replaced by the control unit. The spark plug now received your command to ignite via the control unit and no longer mechanically via the distributor finger. Later, other functions such as the amount of fuel and the time of injection were passed on to the injection nozzles via signals. Today, of course, it's even more complex. 

What is a ECU / engine control unit

Highly integrated circuits, SMD components, fiber optic technology, ABS & ESP systems, piezo injections, sensors and safety systems - these are all the everyday components of modern automobiles. The engine control unit is becoming increasingly important in this context. All the data from the engine compartment and all the results of the sensors and sensors (input measured values) as well as the passenger signals are brought together and evaluated here. I.N The values ​​"just in time" are analyzed, evaluated and exceeded in commands! Depending on the motor measurement data, supplied by sensors and sensors (eg speed, charge pressure, accelerator pedal position, lambda values ​​...) This ensures that the optimum injection amount and the effective ignition of the engine and the respective components are passed. 

For a certain speed, in a certain gear, with a certain accelerator pedal position, with the corresponding fuel quality, taking into account weather, temperature, oil pressure and air, a large number of input values ​​are processed in order to then generate the correct output signals (injection quantity, ignition timing, mixture formation, boost pressure, etc. .) to the engine. In summary, one can say that the control unit (ECU) controls and regulates all processes in and around the engine! A program that is anchored in the engine control unit works within the ECU. The specialist calls the optimization of this program chip tuning.

Digital Tuning: Why possible?

The engine control unit is responsible for the entire engine management. It controls, controls all important functions of an engine.
Because a vehicle is now being built globally, which must be able to cope with fuel in South America as well as the African heat or the cold of Siberia, the engine has correspondingly large tolerances and reserves built in! Since a completely new engine is not being developed in a facelift, but the corresponding PS reserves have already been installed in the initial development, these are also broke and can also be used sensibly.

SKN uses the reserves and tolerances responsibly and adapts the engine to the respective regional conditions and conditions. The engine works more effectively and efficiently through the optimization. The efficiency of the engine is improved. The yield of energy per liter of fuel consumed increases, which significantly increases efficiency.

Consumption & performance optimization

All the characteristics, data frames and characteristics of the control unit are optimized by our engineers and technicians in terms of torque, performance and fuel consumption. The ECO Tuning is aimed primarily at optimizing fuel consumption and guarantees increased torque and increased performance at low to medium speeds. Depending on the application area and vehicle type, fuel savings of up to 20% are achieved. The durability as well as the everyday convenience are just as little influenced by the tailor-made ECO tuning optimization as with the standard engine. 

Customer Benefits

The following advantages result from the reduction in fuel consumption (ECO or eco tuning called):

  • ECO Tuning reduces fuel consumption by up to 20% depending on application area and vehicle type,
  • ECO Tuning increases engine power and torque by up to 30%
  • ECO Tuning reduces the number of gears and wear
  • ECO Tuning is called driving in higher gears with low speed
  • ECO tuning means more power (torque) at lower speed
  • ECO tuning improves the efficiency
  • ECO Tuning can be deducted from 100% as an operating output and completes existing FMS (fleet management systems)
  • ECO Tuning reduces operating costs: 
    - Reduce fuel consumption
    - reduction of wear (oil, brake, clutch, etc.)
    - Reduction of maintenance costs and intervals
    - Reduce downtime
  • ECO Tuning increases traction and aggregate power (agricultural, construction or forestry machines)
  • ECO Tuning can electronically limit the maximum speed of a vehicle and thus minimize wear and tear
  • ECO Tuning can electronically limit the maximum speed of a vehicle and thus minimize wear and tear

ECO Tuning can also be used when using alternative fuels (biodiesel, natural gas, LPG). There may be slight shifts in savings, as different fuels also have different calorific and energy values.

SKN guarantees fuel savings with simultaneous additional power!

As an experienced partner in leading international companies, SKN ensures your competitiveness. Use the latest software technologies to significantly reduce your operating costs and to minimize wear and tear and thus maintenance. ECO Tuning offers security in planning and calculating annual yields. 

efficiency calculator

With our ECO tuning® and ECO tuning75® many companies are already successfully saving a lot of money. Our SKN profitability calculator calculates how much you can save in detail...

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and ECO tuning75®

In the following list you will find over 20 advantages that you can use ECO Tuning® and ECO tuning75® for your company, as a serious competitive advantage can be used positively...

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ECO Tuning® & ECO tuning75®
why possible?

This article explains how the patented SKN ECO Tuning works® and ECO tuning75® .How in detail the fuel consumption is reduced and why the manufacturers don't do it... 

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