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  • Eco Tuning Bus 01

    STOP & GO

    Sparing with ECO Tuning by specific STOP & GO Programming! Save up to 20% fuel!

  • Eco Tuning Bus 02

    STOP & GO

    Sparing with ECO Tuning by specific STOP & GO Programming! Save up to 20% fuel!

  • Eco Tuning Bus 03

    STOP & GO

    Sparing with ECO Tuning by specific STOP & GO Programming! Save up to 20% fuel!

  • Eco Tuning Bus 04

    STOP & GO

    Sparing with ECO Tuning by specific STOP & GO Programming! Save up to 20% fuel!

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ECO Tuning Busbetriebe & Coaches

eco tuning bus 01

Years of cost pressures, whether local or long distance, led many bus companies, the loss of financial substance. 

Companies in the travel, student and transport still had fairly decent corporate results and even good yield predictions years ago. A liter of diesel cost early 2010 0,90 just € and the low cost airline and rail transport have not been supported with billions and sponsored. Times have changed extremely. The lemons are squeezed and even the last bit of juice was brought out. How can an industry that is on the ground and also to cope with climate policy goals of the federal and state governments, help to bounce back.

More income with ECO Tuning for bus operators in local and long-distance transport

Well, that is quite safe and simple through the use of advanced IT technologies. Using patented ECO Tuning We guarantee savings in fuel consumption, let pale with security. Why? Simply because you are wondering why they have abandoned for so long on it, and because you're wondering why it use your competitors do better!

ECO Tuning - additional yields that can be planned and guaranteed

By means of Ecotuning, the engines of the vehicle manufacturers are optimized for their individual use in local or long-distance traffic. City buses have a completely different operating profile than, for example, trucks or coaches. In public buses, the proportion of constant travel in inner-city traffic is between 10-25% and speeds of 80 km / h are seldom reached over a longer period of time. That depends on the company profile and the traffic density. While the bus has to stop at many stops and traffic lights, the coach drives on motorways and country roads with a low STOP & GO share.

So the ECO Tuning is individually the requirements of the vehicles optimally adapted so you sustained Fuel (gasoline / diesel) save up!


The following advantages result from the reduction in fuel consumption (ECO or eco tuning called):

  • ECO Tuning reduces fuel consumption by up to 20% depending on the area of ​​application (stop & go / local traffic / distribution traffic / long-distance traffic)
  • ECO Tuning increases engine power and torque in the low to mid speed range by up to 30%
  • ECO Tuning is deductible to 100% as operating expenses and complements existing FMS (fleet management systems)
  • ECO Tuning reduces operating costs: 
    - Reduce fuel consumption
    - Reducing wear (oil, brake, clutch, etc.)
    - Reduction of maintenance costs and intervals
    - Reduce downtime

efficiency calculator

With our ECO tuning® and ECO tuning75® many companies are already successfully saving a lot of money. Our SKN profitability calculator calculates how much you can save in detail...

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and ECO tuning75®

In the following list you will find over 20 advantages that you can use ECO Tuning® and ECO tuning75® for your company, as a serious competitive advantage can be used positively...

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ECO Tuning® & ECO tuning75®
why possible?

This article explains how the patented SKN ECO Tuning works® and ECO tuning75® .How in detail the fuel consumption is reduced and why the manufacturers don't do it... 

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