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Is the ECO tuning optimization noticeable?

Yes, by the strong increase in torque from 20 - 30% (in turbo - engines) can be felt even at low speeds, better dynamics of the engine. In the intermediate sprint to reach a few seconds advantage over the standard car. The maximum speed is also rising in most vehicles.

What is the process for ECO tuning?

SKN offers to leave a CHIP tuning work on your vehicle in two ways. You can choose between sending by mail or visiting a branch SKN.

You or a workshop of your build from the control unit from the vehicle and send it by parcel SKN Express to. On the day of the inbox, the control unit is provided with the CHIP tuning and sent back to you. ATTENTION: Please inform yourself Always phone before shipment to our technology if your vehicle is controller suitable for shipping. In some cases also the gearbox control unit must be returned.

We are always happy when we come to visit our customers. Here you can experience from SKN CHIP tuning live. You should first call vote a tuning appointment so incur no increased waiting times. To the tuning appointment you should bring your vehicle and the corresponding papers (car license) and between 2 to 3 hours.

SKN your vehicle is tested thoroughly first. We want to ensure the fact that your car is in perfect technical condition before we committed to the tuning. For this purpose a test drive incl. Drive test is performed and a tester connected, reporting any shortcomings or errors.

During the test drive, the data is recorded on the vehicle. Which units are installed on the engine. What turbochargers, injectors, etc. were used in your vehicle. After the data has been recorded, this information is brought into line with current updates from the manufacturer, tuning knowledge from SKN and the latest knowledge from the exhaust gas laboratories. Our developers use state-of-the-art electronics and high-end computers to work out an optimal and homogeneous CHIP tuning.

How do the driving performance look like?

The acceleration and elasticity improve significantly, however, depending on the weight and structure of the respective vehicle.

Is the engine louder?

In the prior and during normal driving, there are no deviations from the standard vehicle in the noise. After CHIP tuning may occur in some vehicles to a minimal increase in engine noise at Abforderung the higher power.

Is the ECO tuning visible from the outside?

No! The extra power of the CHIP tuning is felt indeed, but only on a rolling - measuring test and can not be determined with the naked eye.

The ECO Tuning you will notice about the decreasing number of gas station visit and by the slightly more agile driving characteristics of the car.

With the usual workshop diagnostic devices neither of the two modifications can be determined.

Is it possible to retrofit the optimization without residue?

Yes! The modified software can be upgraded at any time we go back. We reprogram the latest original software on the EPROM in the control unit.

Is an oil cooler required after ECO tuning?

In normal driving conditions, an oil cooler is not necessary. The oil temperature rises, for example in an Audi TDI A4 1.9 in duration - full load trips only about 8 to 12 degree. This makes an oil cooler unnecessary. If further modifications (compressor / turbo etc.) are made, the installation of an intercooler and in extreme situations, an oil cooler is necessary.

Must the brake system or the tires be modified?

The "normal" performance optimizations are coordinated by us so that no further modifications are usually necessary. If additional tuning measures (compressor / Turbo Conversions) it depends on the performance and varies from case to case.

Do other conversions have to be made?


Does my dealer / workshop diagnose a fault?

No! In the diagnostic device no error is displayed. retained all control functions and tasks of the engine control unit, as SKN CHIP or ECO tuning performs based on the latest manufacturer genuine.

Why do I save fuel when there is a performance and torque increase?

This approach contradicts our normal, school knowledge, however, is easy to explain:

If we want to go 100 km / h with a vehicle that has 150 hp, we find by foot on the accelerator, the throttle one example of 40%. If the vehicle is tuned up to eg 110 hp, so we need to throttle the engine only 37% to make 150 km / h to drive. About this modified throttle setting less fuel is injected, which in turn leads to a reduction in consumption.

Of course, it looks like in practice even more complex, as you can not operate with as little fuel or any amount of air the engine. Here the secret lies in the right mix, which may vary from engine to engine, even in identical cars.

How does fuel consumption change?

By CHIP tuning of the fuel according to DIN 70030 (urban cycle, constant driving at 90 and 120 km / h) will correspond to the series values ​​at low revs partly below.

What is the difference between the CHIP and ECO Tuning?

When CHIP tuning it comes to the increase in performance of an engine within reasonable limits and potential.

When ECO tuning it comes to reducing fuel consumption, with better handling and a depreciation of emissions.

What is the difference between a ballast (BOX) and the CHIP or ECO tuning?

Pre - control units, so - called boxes, are clamped before the actual series engine control unit. 2 to 9 lines, which are connected via 100 lines of a motor control unit, are tapped as a rule. By means of resistors or rotary knobs in the ballast (generally called BOX), the measured values ​​of the engine electronics are corrupted and FALSE values ​​are transmitted to the engine control unit.

The motor is thereby operated in a state which is not present! This type of deliberate misinformation permanently influences the running performance, consumption and wear of an engine is obvious.

During CHIP or ECO tuning the data frames, characteristic fields, characteristics and corner information of the engine control unit software are optimized. The engine control unit therefore runs with optimized and updated software. The process can be almost like an UPDATE driver on the home computer. Errors are eliminated and resources are released.

Which vehicles can be equipped with a CHIP tuning?

It can be any vehicle, be up to each Mileage optimized. However, the vehicle should be in a good technical condition. The service intervals should be observed. We have customers who have traveled by truck, car or mobile home 500.000 km, without complaint!

What fuel should be fueled?

After the control units - Optimization (CHIP or ECO tuning) should at Otto - engines are converted to the type of fuel SUPERPLUS. This will achieve better efficiency and clean combustion! For diesel - engines is also recommended the higher quality SUPER diesel.

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