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As the market leader in reducing consumption [ ECO Tuning® or Eco-Tuning75® ] as a fleet solution, we are the competent contact for freight forwarders, municipalities, taxi companies and transport companies when it comes to saving fuel. More and more companies are now using software-based consumption optimization, also known as eco-tuning or eco-tuning. No structural changes are made to the engine, but the manufacturer's software in the engine control unit is optimized in order to use idle reserves and resources efficiently or adapt the engine optimally to the respective operating condition and thus save fuel (diesel).

Please use the configurator to select your vehicle, only then will you see your suitable products! If the product you are looking for is not included, we apologize.

Please send us an inquiry about that CONTACT FORM for ECO tuning® & ECO tuning75® or call us at Telephone 0 51 53 - 94 10 41

We will be happy to advise you and help you with your goals.

efficiency calculator

With our ECO tuning® and ECO tuning75® many companies are already successfully saving a lot of money. Our SKN profitability calculator calculates how much you can save in detail...

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and ECO tuning75®

In the following list you will find over 20 advantages that you can use ECO Tuning® and ECO tuning75® for your company, as a serious competitive advantage can be used positively...

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ECO Tuning® & ECO tuning75®
why possible?

This article explains how the patented SKN ECO Tuning works® and ECO tuning75® .How in detail the fuel consumption is reduced and why the manufacturers don't do it... 

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Welcome to SKN ECO Tuning

ECO tuning by the inventor

In 2005 the vision was measured by means of chip tuning rather ecotuning to save fuel reality. 2003 launched the SKN Tuning GmbH from Benstorf (near Hannover) with the project "save fuel" for trucks, vans, cars and other motorized vehicles.

The goal was clear: "Improving the efficiency to reduce consumption (lower consumption per 100 km).

Tuning for trucks, vans, vehicle fleets, and more

The ECO Tuning (often called ÖKO Tuning) was developed over two years. SKN has used SKN for the last few years to offer the product portfolio to all manufacturers of the branches (agriculture, construction, forestry, forwarding, Transport and disposal).

The ECO Tuning (economic & ecologic) invented & developed by SKN is now available at over 90 sales locations worldwide. This makes SKN a global player and world market leader. The ECO Tuning, registered with the Patent & Trademark Office, helps companies all over the world to save money. Fuel savings of up to -20% per 100 km can be achieved. Leading partners are companies such as DHL (Deutsche Post), Vodafone, Lufthansa, Remondis (disposal) and the Federal Ministry of Internal Security.

These companies have critical and professional "save fuel" for extended periods tested thoroughly by ECO tuning. The results were all positive and led to a high acceptance as maintenance costs, operating costs, wear decreased in parallel with the lower consumption.

Success, safety and sustainability guaranteed

Coupled with an exceptional safety package, which not only guarantees fuel savings, but also includes the manufacturer's warranty, you can save without financial risk! The conversion to ECO Tuning and the comprehensive warranty, sets milestones worldwide.

The vehicle guarantee covers all components of the engine, the drive train and the ancillary units. The engine & vehicle warranty is in no way inferior to the manufacturer's warranty. It can be individually adapted to the requirements of each customer. Problems with the vehicle or problems with the engine are completely covered, so that maximum protection is created.

German Engineering - innovation guarantees with programmed fuel economy. 


  • ECO Tuning Agriculture

    ECO Tuning Agriculture

    Modern agriculture!
    Farmers under cost pressures think about. Because it can not continue as before, many farmers are looking for ways out of cost misery!

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  • ECO Tuning construction industry

    ECO Tuning construction industry

    The gentlemen of the cranes and equipment are looking for new ways out of the earnings event and discover new technologies and savings opportunities. Thus you the money not as ...

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  • ECO Tuning Busbetriebe & Coaches

    ECO Tuning Busbetriebe & Coaches

    Years of cost pressure has in many bus companies, whether local or long distance, led to the loss of financial substance. Years ago, companies in the travel, student and mass transit still had ...

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  • ECO Tuning Forestry

    ECO Tuning Forestry

    Forestry - the ECO Tuning effect! They operate in forestry and pay close attention to your cost structure? Even large and well-known companies such as the company Södra are struggling with global competition and a decline in prices by Far East products.

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  • ECO Tuning Generators & CHP

    ECO Tuning Generators & CHP

    Today, generators or cogeneration plants (CHP) are always used when energy is to be obtained independently or as an alternative. It does not matter whether it's BACK-UP systems ...

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  • ECO Tuning Truck & Haulage

    ECO Tuning Truck & Haulage

    As a leader in the reduction of fuel consumption / ECO Tuning as a fleet solution, we are the competent partner for carriers, municipalities, freight forwarders, taxis and ...

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  • ECO Tuning Cars & Fleet

    ECO Tuning Cars & Fleet

    Really all savings used?
    Nowadays, many different fleet management solutions (FMS) exist to increase every company, every driver and thus efficiency.

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  • ECO tuning Transportation

    ECO tuning Transportation

    Increasing Amazonisierung + Prime Service effect - For years, the amount of packages to be delivered continuously increases, the Amazonisierung our society is reflected in the package delivery in annual double-digit growth

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  • ECO Tuning mobile homes

    ECO Tuning mobile homes

    ECO Tuning - stress-free and convenient to the destination! Enjoy your life and your mobile leisure. They are campers List of passion or also like the "King of the Road". To avoid the "Kassel mountains" or the "Brenner Pass" with your RV as an honorary leader of storage

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